Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Big Top Ten Organic Gardening Tips

Submitted By: Vera Pappas

By using only organic gardening supplies; your gardening tasks will be easier and more enjoyable.

Compost, an all natural soil amendment is made through the use of composters. Composters break down organic materials such as leaves, grass clippings, and food scraps to make a 100% organic, all natural soil additive. Composters come in varying shapes, sizes and designs. Research composters and choose one that meets your needs. Making your own natural compost is a great alternative to other organic gardening supplies you would ordinarily have to buy, and it’s free!

Rain barrels collect water from your roof and store it until needed. Rain water is softer and chemical free. Rain Barrels are great for keeping your plants healthy and saving water. Many rain barrels are made from reused food drums and recycled plastic, keeping with the commitment to sustainable living. You can collect approximately 675 gallons of rain off your roof from a single rain storm. Stored rain water supplies much needed moisture to your gardens during extreme dry spells where rationing is necessary.

All Natural and organic fertilizer supplies much needed nutrients to plantings. Natural and organic fertilizers generally have a slow release so nutrients last over time. Natural and organic fertilizers such as liquefied worm poop and tea from composters, are among the top natural and organic fertilizers and an essential ingredient to your organic gardening supplies.

Push reel mowers are a great way to be organic! Push reel mowers use no gas or electric, only your own energy. Push reel mowers are lightweight, easy to use and gives your lawn that golf course look. Owning a push reel mower is an important part of organic gardening.

Grow native plants. Native plants require less water. They are also naturally more insect and disease resistant than other plants. Healthy, lush gardens made from indigenous plants also make a natural home for birds.

Container gardening is good for planting your favorite flowers and vegetables when space is limited! Use large containers such as steel buckets and wooden barrels for creative container gardening. Container gardens do not require a lot of organic material due to being enclosed. Many gardening containers such as green pots are all natural, made from all natural elements such as rice hulls and coconut fiber.

Using only natural and organic gardening supplies such as Insecticidal Soap, Horticultural Oil or Organic Disease Control will keep your garden healthy, naturally. Organic gardening supplies leave no hazardous residue and break down naturally into the soil. Natural predators such as bats, praying mantis and ladybugs are great organic insect controls. Bat boxes are effective for keeping bats nearby and supplies shelter through the harsh winter months. Enjoying and benefiting from organic gardening is dependent upon the use of the highest quality organic gardening supplies.

Mulch your flowerbeds and vegetable garden to retain moisture around plants. Mulch supplies your plants with much needed moisture throughout hot, sunny days. Mulching also keeps weeds away. Apply all natural worm poop fertilizer around plantings when mulching. Your organic garden will love you for it.

Create a bird habitat by placing bird houses, birdbaths and bird feeders in your yard. Birds are fun to watch and will control the insect population in a natural way. Pick a quiet section of your yard to keep a variety of birding supplies to attract birds of your choice. Bird food such as sunflower hearts and suet are great treats.

Whether you are working on your lawn, flowerbed or vegetable garden, have fun. Remember, all natural supplies will make organic gardening easier and more enjoyable. The following is a list of recommended all natural and organic gardening supplies: composter, rain barrels, organic fertilizers, push reel mower, natural gardening containers, birding supplies, natural homemade compost, These are the best equipment, tools and supplies for keeping your plants, turf and environment healthy. Happy Gardening!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beating the Heat

When it's too hot to care, climb in a fountian with a few hundred strangers, and enjoy the recycled water!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Writing Effective Content for Your Website

by: Jim Degerstrom

Website owners who offer a product or service have 5 seconds to capture the attention of site visitors. If you do not write effective website content to quickly communicate the benefits of what you do, your audience will bounce to the next website in their search results. This bounce rate is the opposite of stickiness. Is your website sticky? These tips on writing effective content for your website can certainly help.

Content needs to describe as much as possible about who, what, where, when, and why on every page with very specific key words and phrases to connect instantly with site visitors including search engines. Avoid technical terms in your website content writing that only those close to your industry understand.

Key word research is the best way to understand what people really put in the Google search box looking for your product or service. Guess when writing content for your website and your competition may have the edge capturing site visitor attention and converting them to buying customers.

Those key words should be inserted in website content in addition to each page title, description, key word list, and page headlines or subheadings, also. Including photographs or graphics will help convey the message beyond text, so a gallery or showcase can help quickly communicate website content details and create a more positive first impression.

When you use quality photographs to insert in pages, those pictures tell what 1000 words cannot. Your message when writing effective website content needs to be communicated based on real world website visitor behavior. People land anonymously on a website unlike visitors met face to face, so the decisions are different than walking into a brick and mortar business.

People instantly notice graphics and the overall professional look, and then scan headlines and perhaps a few words in the first sentence of website content in each paragraph. The majority will rarely read your text verbatim. Headlines, bullet lists, and graphics attract attention more than narrative, and that critical first impression is what will get them to stay and perhaps buy after they explore details later.

It's important to touch a nerve in the first 5 seconds to convince people to stay on your website. All they care about learning from your website text content is "What's in it for me if I buy here?". Initially, site visitors don't care about the details of features until they are convinced of the benefits, and that message needs to be presented in shorts bits that can be understood instantly.

The strategy for writing marketing material content for consumers is different on the internet, and similar to listening to a joke or reading a novel, people want to know the punchline or ending up front.

Rather than writing website text content that presents your introduction, features, and then benefits in that order like a regular marketing or sales pitch, writing for the web is more effective when you reveal the benefits and outcome first. This writing strategy for online marketing emphasizes the importance of catchy headlines that capture and hold interest quickly.

People will skip over paragraphs on your website that have more than 2-3 sentences, so write content and then edit to eliminate poetic or flowery speech and any unnecessary adjectives. By all means, do not exaggerate.

Keep in mind people go online for one thing: information. Website visitors rarely will buy on the first visit. Most will visit several websites searching for the right mix of content that best answers "What's in it for me?". Present benefits in the introduction, and you can still use the formula of introduction, features, and benefits to enhance your skills for writing effective website content.

Site owners who track visitor statistics probably notice the bounce rate mentioned earlier. The majority of visitors land on a page and leave immediately without fully exploring your site. Stating the benefits twice on each page will strengthen your marketing message. Maintaining a consistent message on every page can result in more business by writing effective content for your website.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"The Fire" by Katherine Neville

I just finished this novel of conspiracy, morality, greed and historical fiction. I try, I really do, but can't quite appreciate female authors of thrillers, mysteries, etc. Almost every book I have read, written by a female, has a female lead character, that I being a male have a difficult time identifying with. Then the underlying theme in "Fire" is chess and it's historical role. Many novels have figured historical characters as Masons, Knights Templar, etc...but in "Fire", they all are Chess Masters! I've played chess, but like most board games, I find chess boring. To read an entire novel based on "Chess"....well, all I can say is wake me when it's over.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Meet the Author

I met Cornelius L. Sawyer, author of "Two Voyages I Remember", while eating lunch at the "Elm Court Senior Center. He was chatting up myself and another friend while we ate, telling us about his book and his career in the Navy and then in the Merchant Marine. While I have not yet had a chance to read it yet, it appears to be a more major effort than I had imagined. It may be worthwhile to check out at a local book store, online, or from your Library. I'll put another small ad on the sidebar!

Today, July 22, 2009, I got a copy of this book at the Library. I will post a review upon completion.

Newsweek's 50 Books You Must Read

OK, I'll admit it, I was bored, so I read the July 13,2009 edition of "Newsweek". I once subscribed to this magazine, back in the 1970's. I was amazed it had not changed much in thirty years. With Internet news sites, Kindle readers, cable TV and other media I wondered why anyone would subscribe to such an antiquated format.

The cover and content of "Fifty Books to Read" is what caught my eye and caused me to peruse the entire edition. I was not surprised that I have read only two of those fifty books since high school. In glancing at the titles and brief summaries, I would not even read those two!

Lists, like rules, just turn me off. I'm inclined to do the exact opposite. I never read the "most popular" novel or go by The New York Times best Seller List. I know what I like and find something that fits. After over 300 credit hours of college course work, I have no plans to read "brilliant" non-fiction or reread Plato for the fifth time! But if you like reading from a "list", here it is: Newsweek's Fifty Book List

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Latest Reads

Finished three novels in the last week. "Grey Apocalypse" by James Murdoch, The conspiracy of Aliens and humans for the past 50 years and the Aliens intent on destroying mankind.; "Screen Shot" by John Darrina a novel of a serial killer using computer technology and live video streaming to kill undesirables: and "The Atlantis Legacy" by Thomas Greanias a double novel centered in Antartica and the lost city of atlantis, lost technology and alien civilizations.

Not Noble prize winners for literature, but I find them entertaining and part of the saga that I read on these subjects, better than summer TV!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Codex Sinaiticus

Codex Sianiticus, the oldest Bible ever found, is soon to be online. From the website, the content sounds like an interesting read. It contains many “missing” books not in the current editions of the Bible, and is in a different order.

I have always had an interest in archeology, especially Biblical Archeology (see sidebar), so to be able to read online artifacts like the dead scrolls and the codex sianiticus stimulates that interest.

According to the website, the material will be available in the original text as well as several language translations. Originally it was coming online today July 6th, but when I went online this morning, the site was not yet working. I believe this probably also be downloaded to a Kindle 2 or Kindle DX to read at leisure…yet another reason to buy one. (See Amazon affiliate on the sidebar)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

5 Important Things for an Effective Web Content Writing

Web content writing is a very important constituent of the websites and this is responsible to establish communication with the visitor. As a writer you must follow the aforementioned points to write a really effective and appealing content.
These are the words through which a website establishes communication with the visitors.Though, visitors are allured by the visuals but their prolonged stay and interest in the website can only be generated with the prudent use of words. Following are the five important tips you must keep in mind for a winning web content writing.

Write to the context: Always keep in mind that you do not digress from the topic and must stick to write only about the subject. This is because Netizens are people in hurry; they do not have time and neither any inclination to read what is not required. Remember, they won’t stay long at your page praising your English. All they want to gain is some valuable information and they are smart to sense that they are being taken for a ride through literary manipulations.

Refrain from simple mistakes: Remember, simple grammatical or spelling errors act as a repellent to the visitors and in various circumstances they can completely change whatever is your original intent. So, proofread the writing at least twice with high concentration before actually putting it up, at the website.

Do not be afraid to search: The more you search the more information you can embed in the content which will make it a useful and appreciated reading for the visitors. It is only replete information that prepares the ground for a ‘”visitor” to a prospective “customer”.
Author:Stacy Parker

Always try to write interactively: The web content must be interactive in genre as you are trying to establish communication with the visitor and in most of the cases the target is to lure him/ her to enhance the commercial aspect of your website.

Write Simple: The basic aim of web content writing is to establish communication and not all the visitors may have the same vocabulary you as a writer may have. And nothing repels as much as something which is too complex to understand. So, you must write precisely and in simple English.

About the Author: Stacy Parker is expert in seo keyword writing and website content writing for leading online marketing company.