Saturday, December 29, 2007

So Many Books, So Little Time

I read about 2-3 novels a week..mostly thrillers and mysteries, occasionally Sci-fi. I can't begin to keep up with new releases, let alone make headway in "the list". I figured that if I lived to 100, I would have read only about 11,000 books in my faster, faster!

What I need is some kind of neural implant that allows me to absorb the Johnny Neumonic...a 1/4" phone jack in my skull. Uh huh.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sanity, Are You Kidding?

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Do you have what it takes to be an ezine publisher? Someone told me the other day that anyone could become a newsletter or ezine publisher. That put me into some deep thought about the situation.
I decided that it was probably true that anyone could become a publisher of an ezine or newsletter. The trick is to publish one that is successful and still keep one's sanity.

Sanity you ask? How could I possibly lose my sanity putting out an issue of a newsletter or ezine? Well my good friend, let me help you count the ways.

Right after I first started publishing, I had the chance to go up to a mountain lake with some friends one evening. I actually needed to get my ezine out but I thought what the heck, I will get up a few hours early tomorrow morning and finish putting it together. Wrong unwise one.

The next morning when I got up my electricity was off. I waited quite impatiently as I watched the hours tick away. My wife had a doctor's appointment that afternoon, so I had to leave to take her to town. She had been unable to drive for the last few months due to destroyed ligaments in her foot.

I tried to not think about it as I took her to town. Of course when we finished at the doctor's office, she insisted that I take her out to eat. Well, if you think there was any way that I could say no to that one, you obviously don't have a wife. Or you won't have one for long.

We arrived back home late in the afternoon. I was thrilled to find that the electricity was working again. I started putting together my issue of the ezine. I went to connect to the internet to send it out and could not hook up to my ISP.

I got on the phone and called my ISP and was told that they were having problems of some sort and were not sure when service would be restored.

By this time it was getting on up in the evening and all at once the realization came that I should already have tomorrow's issue ready and yet I had not even started.

This was far from comforting. So I started putting tomorrow's issue together. I had just started working on it when my wife hollered and asked me if I was going to work all night. That's right I thought, I promised her that I would spend some time with her this evening.

After spending a couple of hours with my wife, I started working on the ezine again. I worked until about 2:00 AM. I finally finished and went up to get a few hours sleep before I had to get back up.

About 3:30 I was startled out of bed by what appeared to be a loud scream. I started running towards my wife's bedroom when here came that startling sound again. It was my Tom Cat. He was ready to go outside. Oh I could ignore him but if you know anything about Tom Cats, that would have only punished myself more.

I went back to bed only to be awaken by a cat fight around 4:45. The Tom from the next valley over had came over to pay us a friendly visit. Of course his idea of a friendly visit was to come over and see if he could kill my cat.

Well my cat had not made any brownie points by waking me up earlier but if I did not go rescue him, I would be in the dog house with my wife. This would never work because the only pet facility that we had was a small cat palace and I already had a backache.

To heck with trying to sleep. I went to check and see if my ISP was back up. Great, I was back in business. I first sent out yesterday's issue and then put the finishing touches on today's. I then sent it out as well.

I then decided to go check my mail and make sure I received both issues. I looked at the first issue and I had forgotten to put the right address in the Title. Instead of my first name, which will show if I type the following [FIRSTNAME], I saw [FIRSTNAME. I had forgot to close my parenthesis and everyone's ezine came out addressed to [FIRSTNAME.

I then took a look at today's issue. I had typed in the wrong date on the top, I had forgotten to put contact information in my ad for a advertising special. I was not feeling real good about myself at this point.

I then looked back at my mail and saw a note addressed to me with suggestion as the subject. I thought, to heck with reading that. After the last two days, they are probably suggesting that I take a permanent vacation. I just don't know if I can take that kind of rejection right now. I need sleep.

I headed up to bed and passed my wife who was heading down the steps. She asked if I was going up to change into work clothes. My mind started churning, what had I promised to do this morning?

She brought me out of my thought by informing me that she would do the inside of the windows while I did the outside.

Sanity? That has long since passed me by.

So back to the question, can anyone publish an ezine?

Well if the subscriber who sent me the suggestion is anywhere close to correct, I am not qualified to answer. Here is his suggestion.

You could not publish a #$%&*%$ ezine if your ^$##@*%#* life depended on it.

I also got brave and told my wife that I don't do windows.

I am now trying to get some of the sleep that my body so desperately needs but the accommodations seem less than cozy. This cat palace is sure not the luxurious place that I had been led to believe.

Honey, I was just kidding, I will gladly help with those windows.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Zines, Do-It-Yourself Publishing

Here ares some links to a few sources of self-publishing I came across in "The Bear Deluxe Magazine #26":

826 Valencia


Grrrl Zines, Grrrl Zines A Go-Go

Independent Publishing Resource Center

The Center for Book Arts

The Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Check out the one nearest you. I am sure they all have valuable information and recources to help in your writing endevors.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Zines vs Blogging

There are several people who have "Zines", but do not have a blog. I have blogs, but don't read or write zines. Is something missing?

The two for some reason seem to go together....Zines can be printed and on-line, blogs can be also, but I guess a printed blog is a "column"?

The one guy I know, with his own Zine, knows nothing about blogging, yet types his zine on a PC. This seems almost strange and weird to me. It is almost like someone who only uses a PC for email, and types his letters, journals, essays, etc. on an electric typwriter (rememeber those?. I am sure it's just me.

I like to write and read blogs...will consider podcasts...and guess, I will investigate further the world of zines.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Can you Write a Good Article?

We all can work and develop a career, but only few people become really famous and known for the work they do. That is because their work out stands from the common and is highly appreciated by others. People who succeed in this way have special skills and determination. These features are achieved due to continuous learning and practice.

Reading, writing and many other such things could be an example of work which many people prefer but not all do equally good work. Writing could be a hobby for some people. Writing poems, stories, autobiographies, etc. might seem very interesting for those who know and have the art of writing. Anyone can write, but we all aim to write as good as possible. Every poem, story or article has to show the feel which the writer had while writing it. To write appropriately, we need the skill, interest and the art. This can be developed mainly by reading. Reading things which attract you could lead you to the correct path. Analyzing the material is very important. One has to know the qualities in the written material. One has to look at what the writer has to say to the readers.

Writing articles could seem very easy but is difficult in terms of expressing the actual feel we have while writing the article. Writing an article could be a medium to speak to others about the topic. It is a way to express our feelings while thinking and writing about a particular subject. All this needs interest to write. If one has interest to write, other qualities could be developed by many ways. Writing often and reading interesting articles and books related to your field can raise your intelectual level and help you write better. All the above mentioned qualities combine together to be called as art of writing an article. One may develop the art of writing a good article because of his reading qualities, expressing qualities, thinking qualities, and also observing qualities. All these things are responsible for an outcome that an individual gives by writing on a topic. Not all have that art of writing, expressing and thinking.

A good article has to include one's ability to express what he thinks in form of writing. Observing various things would ultimately lead to good amount of thinking. For developing these qualities, one can take inspiration from great authors who have spent almost whole of their life in writing fabulous books. Article would be read by the common people, thus writing an article for them would also include art of writing. One has to know what the common people prefer, what they would understand better, etc. Thus, taking inspiration from someone who has already done these things could be beneficial. An article can be written by anyone but to make it a good article one has to have the art of writing a good article. Not everyone who writes had this art from birth. This art can be improved by various methods. Art of writing is very essential in expressing one's views, and thoughts. A good article would contain all the feelings, expressions, and thoughts that the writer had in his mind while writing.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Library Card !

OK, I got my new library card. Usually always the first thing I get when moving to a new city.

Even though currently homeless, I used my message/contact address, and that seemed to be good enough.

I am always amazed that huge numbers of people, many who even work for bookstores, or are heavy readers, have no library card! I don't understand that at all. A Library has music CD's, DVD's, and the most recent periodicals that can be checked out, besides books. And, unless you run up $$$ in late fees, it's free!

Libraries sure vary from state to state and city to city, though. The best I have experienced was in Rochester Hills, MI. their selection of books, CD's & DVD's was outstanding. My current library is sub par.

Oh well, once again, how much can you whine when it's free?