Saturday, December 15, 2007

Zines vs Blogging

There are several people who have "Zines", but do not have a blog. I have blogs, but don't read or write zines. Is something missing?

The two for some reason seem to go together....Zines can be printed and on-line, blogs can be also, but I guess a printed blog is a "column"?

The one guy I know, with his own Zine, knows nothing about blogging, yet types his zine on a PC. This seems almost strange and weird to me. It is almost like someone who only uses a PC for email, and types his letters, journals, essays, etc. on an electric typwriter (rememeber those?. I am sure it's just me.

I like to write and read blogs...will consider podcasts...and guess, I will investigate further the world of zines.

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