Monday, October 27, 2014

My 2014 Fall Kindle Reads:

"The Blasphemer" by John Ling

"Radioactive: A Prepper Survival Story" by B J Knights

"The Decay" Survival Fiction by Roger Hayden

"Broken Lines" Survival Fiction

"The Dead Raod: Isolation" Survival Fiction by Robert Paine

"The Terminals: Spark", SF by Michael F Stewart

"The Circuit: Executor Rising", SF by Rhett C Bruno

"Titans", SF by Edward W Robertson

"Slow Burn: Destroyer" SF by Bobby Adair

"Slow Burn: Infected" SF by Bobby Adair

"Slow Burn: Zero Day" SF by Bobby Adair

"Noble Intentions, Season One" by L.T. Ryan

"Frozen Past" by Richard C Hall

"Tiger" by Wesley Robert Lowe

"EMP Los Angeles" SF by Frank LaFlamme

"Parker: The Story of an Apocalypse Survivor" SF by Ben Stevens

"Crash" by Michael Robertson

"Dust to Dust" SF by Scott Cook.... Its about those little Grey bastard Aliens!

"Children of the After: Awakening" SF by Jeremy Laszlo

"Raptor 6" a military action/adventure by Ronie Kendig

"The Dawn, The Bombs Fall" by Michelle Muckley

"Out of the Past" a Mystery by Renee Pawlish

"The Sun Killer" by Diana Dwayne

"Maelstrom: The Downing of Eagle One" by R L Young

"The Lost Alien Artifact" SF by V Bertolaccini

"Ebola K" SF by Bobby Adair...great and timely novel of airborne Ebola!

"Silent" by D M Mitchell

"Back on Murder" a mystery by J Mark Bertrand

"Deadly Stillwater" a mystery by Roger Stelljes

"Season of Blood: Midnight Harvest" horror by Elias Anderson

"The Shadow of Armageddon" by Jim LeMay

"Origin: Season One" by Nathaniel Dean James

"Irreparable Harm" by Mellisa F Miller

"Apocalypse: The Wasteland Chronicles" by Kyle West

"Buzzworm" SF by Theo Cage

"The Code Within" a spy thriller by S L Jones

"The Imperial Connection" by Edward Anne Charles

"Six Million Accusers: Catching Adolf Eichmann

"Wanted" by Nick Stephenson

"The Cold Pool" a mystery by Chris Ward

"Blood & Justice" by Raven T Hill

"Day of the Vikings" by J F Penn

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kindle Reads Spring 2014

"Angel Eyes" by J G Curtis

"Aurora Darwin" by Amanda Bridgeman, a Sci-Fi thriller

"Wildfire Chronicles" by K R Griffiths

"Hollywood Assassin" by MZ Kelly

"Officer Jones" by Derek Ciccone

"Taboo" by Casey Hill

"Witch Lake", by Lillian Bishop & Constance Williams

"Enigma" by Tony Healy, a Far From Home novel

"Rushed" by Brian Harmon

"Eye of the Witch" by Dana Donovan, a witch mystery

"Absolution" Susan Fleet, a murder mystery 

"The Lucifer Genome" by Glen Jeter & John Craney, a biogenetics thriller

"Resurrection" by Arwen Elys Dayton

"The Jupiter Paradox" by Hylton H Smith, quality science-fiction

"Rise Headless & Ride" by Richard Gleaves, a Jason Crane mystery

 "Deadly Aim" by Patricia H Rushford, a murder mystery

"Gingerbread Man" by Maggie Shayne, a witch mystery

"Thompsons Bounty: A Ship Out of Time" by Duane Gundrum

"The Angels Assassin" by Samantha Holt, a Medieval story 

"You Killed My Brother" by Keith Rommel, a mystery novel

"The Artificers Apprentice" DJ Edwardson

"The Time Crystal" by Ethan Sommerville & Max Kenny

"Revelations: The Merlin Chronicles" by Daniel Diehl

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 & 2014 Winter Kindle Reads

"Mark One" by John Hindmarsh ...A thriller about clones!

"Off World" by Robin Parrish ...Mars mission goes horrible wrong!

"Immortality Gene" by John and Sheilia Chapman

"First Activation" by D.A. & M.P. Wearmouth

"Lion of Babylon" by Davis Bunn

"Black Monastery" by William Stacey...a Viking tale with supernatural repercussions!  A LibraryThing winner!

"The Fifth Crusade" by Mark Rutler...Another Viking tale of a master Icelandic Blacksmith joining the last Crusade.