Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kindle Reads Spring 2014

"Angel Eyes" by J G Curtis

"Aurora Darwin" by Amanda Bridgeman, a Sci-Fi thriller

"Wildfire Chronicles" by K R Griffiths

"Hollywood Assassin" by MZ Kelly

"Officer Jones" by Derek Ciccone

"Taboo" by Casey Hill

"Witch Lake", by Lillian Bishop & Constance Williams

"Enigma" by Tony Healy, a Far From Home novel

"Rushed" by Brian Harmon

"Eye of the Witch" by Dana Donovan, a witch mystery

"Absolution" Susan Fleet, a murder mystery 

"The Lucifer Genome" by Glen Jeter & John Craney, a biogenetics thriller

"Resurrection" by Arwen Elys Dayton

"The Jupiter Paradox" by Hylton H Smith, quality science-fiction

"Rise Headless & Ride" by Richard Gleaves, a Jason Crane mystery

 "Deadly Aim" by Patricia H Rushford, a murder mystery

"Gingerbread Man" by Maggie Shayne, a witch mystery

"Thompsons Bounty: A Ship Out of Time" by Duane Gundrum

"The Angels Assassin" by Samantha Holt, a Medieval story 

"You Killed My Brother" by Keith Rommel, a mystery novel

"The Artificers Apprentice" DJ Edwardson

"The Time Crystal" by Ethan Sommerville & Max Kenny

"Revelations: The Merlin Chronicles" by Daniel Diehl

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