Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Imagineless Writers?

I keep coming across writers, or those who claim to be one, with little or no imagination.  Many will even admit it.  I find this both unusual and strange. How can one claim to be a writer, which to me implies "story teller", with no imagination?  A neighbour, an admitted writer, finds her "Memoirs" to be so fascinating, she has take numerous writing classes in order to write them down, yet, she does not listen to people and shows little imagination.

An example, are engineers and scientific types, who either don't read or even believe in science fiction genre writing. Huh?  How can anyone invent, develop or advance science without imagination?  Ironically, those folks who work for the Walt Disney Company are called "Imagineers"!

 Imagination Im*ag`i*na"tion, n. [OE. imaginacionum, F.
 imagination, fr. L. imaginatio. See Imagine.]
 1. The imagine-making power of the mind; the power to create
 or reproduce ideally an object of sense previously
 perceived; the power to call up mental imagines.
 [1913 Webster]

 Our simple apprehension of corporeal objects, if
 present, is sense; if absent, is imagination.
 [1913 Webster]

 Imagination is of three kinds: joined with belief of
 that which is to come; joined with memory of that
 which is past; and of things present, or as if they
 were present. --Bacon.
 [1913 Webster]

 2. The representative power; the power to reconstruct or
 recombine the materials furnished by direct apprehension;
 the complex faculty usually termed the plastic or creative
 power; the fancy.
 [1913 Webster]

 The imagination of common language -- the productive
 imagination of philosophers -- is nothing but the
 representative process plus the process to which I
 would give the name of the "comparative." --Sir W.
 [1913 Webster]

Think back on many books of Great Literature, you may have enjoyed.  I am sure the words of the author painted intense images in your mind as your read the novel or short story.  Perhaps the words took you to the ancient past,  an imaginary world, or a favourite children's tale you still remember in old age.  That writing requires imagination both from the author...and the reader.  Just imagine!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The 3 Things Every Popular Blogger Needs

  by: TJ Philpott

In order to become a popular blogger you will need plenty of creative writing ideas along with a truckload of motivation. The results you will be looking for will not come overnight and that I will guarantee! What you will need are two things to realize your dream of managing a successful blog, lots of unique content and strong reader loyalty. In each case time will be required to develop both so make no mistake, this is a process and not a short term event!

Here are 3 qualities as the site administrator you will need to supply if your goal is to manage a successful blog!


A successful blog is a product of time and effort and for the site administrator, that being you, this will require patience. As stated previously results will NOT come overnight or even quickly for that matter therefore it is important to realize this up front! If you are constantly trying to develop new and creative writing ideas for your site while preoccupied with when you will see results this will only serve to make things more difficult! Building a blogging platform is a 'long haul' effort therefore accept the challenge, or not!


Much of the traffic any successful blog gets is normally referrals and this will be based upon the unique content posted and its credibility. In fact the quality of what the site contains will have a direct impact on how viral the platform will become. If it is worth talking about people will talk, and if they do others will come to see what the buzz is about! It is up to you to post useful and accurate information and your readers will do the rest!


Maintaining a steady flow of creative writing ideas is vital to being able to consistently update the platform. The frequency of your posting schedule is up to you insofar as how much time you have available or your motivational level. It is however important to establish some sort of consistency so people can schedule their own visits accordingly. Just remember the more frequently you post the more people will visit and the faster their loyalty will grow and their referrals will spread!

To become a popular blogger online it is important to have a healthy supply of creative writing ideas along with plenty of patience and motivation! In order to gain the large and loyal readership you want there are two components you will need! The first component will be unique content to attract these readers and the second being time to develop their loyalty! Ultimately it will come down to you as the site administrator to supply the 3 qualities we discussed above to realize your goal of owning a successful blog. In the end it comes back to your own motivation and whether or not you have the patience for it all to come together! Do you?
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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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