Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ran into an author friend of mine today, Jason Breedlove..."MYcellf Prisoner of the Pen"; and his new book "1065131 A Memoir" He is a very interesting young man , who is turning his life into success! His book is available at Powell's World of Books in Portland, OR  I haven't got to review his new book yet, but plan to do so soon!

Have you Tried This?

Chicken Mojakka: One of my famous recipes on the Internet! Yummy!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Library Thing Review, "The Lucifer Code"

"The Lucifer Code" by Charles Brokaw.   Another adventure of Dr. Thomas Lourdes (The Atlantis Code) set in Greece and Turkey.  I enjoyed "The Atlantis Code", so getting this novel to read was a bonus. Part biblical history, mostly thriller... in today's world Satan surely is walking the earth in some guise.  In a genre I call "Biblical Sci-Fi", and one of my favorites...this novel was an excellent read!  It does fit into the Dan Brown type novels, so I imagine his fans will enjoy this novel also.

A Library thing Review, "Peacemaker"

"Peacemaker" by Dan Ranco...A Thriller.  Being kind of a computer geek myself, I enjoyed the technology behind this novel.  Crazed, power hungry,Corporate Computer CEO's unleash a virus, for revenge and Global Domination.  Ha-ha-ha, how can it get any better than that?  A fun and entertaining read.

A Library Thing Review, "The Network"

"The Network" by Jason Elliot.  A pre-9/11 spy/adventure novel set in Afghanistan.  While normally avoiding "first person" viewpoint novels, I was 150 pages into this book, before I even noticed.  The author paints a very personal account, with vivid characters.  One gets into the mindset of a reluctant, but capable spy, thrust into the world changing climate of Afghanistan. Behind the scenes politics and back door deals at many levels provide some insights into what Terrorism is really about.  This book is a great read!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Posting bad!

WOW, I'll have to work up a new list of my recent reads.  I haven't posted in a while had major PC problems at home and in Public venues.  But I am back up and running and will post my recent reads today!