Sunday, May 27, 2007

Learning a Language by Listening

Have you ever tried learning Spanish? It used to be difficult but there is now a new, easier and faster way to learn.

One of the biggest problems when learning any new language is pronunciation. This needs to be heard to get all the inflexions and nuances of each word right. One of the worst languages to learn from the viewpoint of nuances is English.

And Australian English is even worse because we have words with two or more meanings. Often these can be very derogative indeed. Some could even say they are ‘fighting words’. Or at best you could get involved in a blue or a scrap from misusing them.

And then there are some words that sound extremely derogative but are actually words of endearment or praise!

But Spanish isn’t far behind. Just ask any person learning Spanish. This is one of those languages that need to be listened to in order to understand all the nuances.

I remember years ago when I tried to learn German. I went to night classes and tried to make sense of the grammar. I had a great deal of trouble with the tenses. Past tense, present tense and future tense eluded me. These are all part and parcel of every language.

And as for trying to tell the time, I simply never got beyond putting the hours past the minute. So I stopped the clock there and then because I never heard the language actually spoken.

But technology has come to the rescue again for anyone wanting to learn English~ Australian or the Queen’s English~ German or Spanish. Now the books talk to you so you hear all the nuances, inflexions and can marvel at the words themselves.

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