Monday, June 25, 2007

Get Rich, Retire Rich Books.......Do They Work?

OMG, so many books, so little brains. Initially, my reaction is the way to get rich is write a "Get Rich Book". I mean, come on, if all it took was reading a book, we would all be rich.

Personally, I believe it takes a certain personality type to pursue wealth for the sake of wealth, definitely a "Type A" personality. Someone who enjoys competition, crowds, a fraternity/sorority type...someone who "networks". And that is just to read the books!

I am sure all those who compete on the Donald Trump Show, "The Apprentice", qualify. I remember a Business Law class I took at Colorado State University, as part of my MBA program. The Professor asked the students, at least 90% who were 21-23 years of age, "How many think they will be making $50,000/yr by the time they are 30 yrs old?" At least 90% raised their hands! Uh huh.

In my present "job" as a "Bookseller", I see many people seeking these types of books. Here are some on-line lists of the "Top 10"........most are none of the ones that I see daily.

People seem to like the "Rich Dad" series......unfortunately for my kids, I was the "Poor Dad". The best way to get rich is for dad or grandpa to have been a "Robber Baron" and leave you all his money!

I suppose all the above are for what I still call "Yuppies or "Yuppie Puppies". Conventional, conservative "wannabes".

Then there are the Evangelical Christan.............."God will Bless Me with Wealth" types who actually believe that "GOD" will reward their Christian beliefs with money, power, etc. Uh huh. What happened to that bible verse "A rich man has as much chance of getting into heavens as a camel going through an eye of a needle?"

I guess I am just inherent wealth or you "get lucky". As the movie "Wall Street" stated "Greed is Good!"

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