Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What is the best Bookstore Company to work for?

Does anyone work for a major (or minor) chain bookstore?

I work for one. I won't say which one, but while the people are OK, the store clean, etc. The company is one of the cheapest...no, it is the cheapest company I ever worked for!

I have been there almost a year. I make $7.57/hr and have zero benefits. There have me one the border line, hour wise (30) to keep me from getting them. Even If I manage to gain 4 hours per week, then I have to wait another 90 days! I started at $6.25/hr a whole dollar less than my offer from the competitor, but then got a 50 cent raise after two weeks. I had a review in March and got a whole 7 cents an hour merit raise.

Is this crap normal? How can anyone survive on this pittance? Is there any wonder why the turnover is so high?

The even bigger joke is, that the company only made a 35% profit last year! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I passed on applying for a “supervisor position..required opening at 6:00 AM and working until 10:30 PM several days per week for a measly $9 hr.

Retail really sucks!

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