Monday, September 17, 2007

Will Work for Books!

The Great Bookstore Job Hunt

OK, I have been burned out in Colorado Springs. The pay is too low, the cost of living too high, along with the temperature, it is so boring, almost to tears. I need a change. I need a better paying job. So I have begun the search.

I have three or four, out of state cities in mind. I will be seeking out opportunities. One major criteria is good public transportation, since my car was stolen back in July. Uh huh.

I'll start with my current employer, the competition, and private books stores. Even if everything else is the same, I won't be here. Colorado Springs truly sucks......LOL.

One thing I find strange about my current employer, but not the first, is they don't utilize me to the fullest. I have over ten years experience in retail, five in management. I have taken 50% of required MBA courses in Management and completed a M. Ed program. I am a bookseller, along with a dozen 21 yr olds who never finished college, and at the same rate of pay. I have been “employee of the month”, got good first raise was 7 cents. Uh huh. I get no benefits, because they keep me below 32 hours (usually 30 hours per week). I made twice as much on unemployment! I made twice as much as a temp! Why would employers not utilize employees to their greatest potential? Just to save a few bucks per hour? Are corporations really that cheap?

Or is the fact I just turned 59 the problem? Hmmmmmmmm?

Three years till I turn 62 and get those SS checks..which will be larger than my current paycheck. I'll survive!

Let the job hunt begin!

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