Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Light is on, But No One is Home

I gaze discreetly across the semi-crowded room upon two middle aged females. Their dim beady eyes were dull and lifeless. Down trodden by life, poor health, or the faint glimmer of the intelligence of a gerbil?

They exchange words, incomplete sentences, “I need a pen, I need a piece of paper” the dimmer one mumbles in a childlike whine. “What? You carry a purse, but don’t have no pen?” says the other. I grimace. My six year old granddaughter is smarter than these two 40 year olds.

I wonder how they and hundreds of others I see on the street manage to tie their shoes in the morning, let alone muddle through life’s daily challenges. How do they make an intelligent, informed decision? Or do they go by instinct and emotion….I am hungry, I eat?

These squinty eyed, dim people, are a large portion of America. They are almost always, squinty eyed, by the way. Is it inbreeding, something in the water, radioactive fallout, the education system, or just bad genes?

I only know it is sad, disturbing, and growing. I’ll be more impressed the next time I meet a gerbil.

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