Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Last Election of 2008

Election Day is finally here, thank God. Two years of hell, hours of negative commercials, and rants from folks like Rush Limbaugh. Tonight, the victor will take the spoils of all this home and put it on a shelf!

2008 is the first time I have voted since the fiasco of 2000, and it will also probably be my last vote, for many reasons. One being, who really knows what happens to that ballot once it leaves your hands? Can you say "Hanging Chads"?

I fail to appreciate "Representative Government".....that's not democracy, that's a Republic...like ancient Rome. I would be content on removing all "Professional Politicians" and vote via the Internet, on all major policies. (Yes the Internet is safe for voting. You do your taxes, banking, and pay bills on it don't you?)

From my viewpoint, of the poor and working poor, the future of the USA seems lost in a fog of hopelessness and greed. 2012 approaches and many feel the End is near, in many ways. War, famine, overpopulation, depression, pandemic disease, etc. are just some of the many, and perhaps simultaneous crisis to End our world as we know it.

How does this affect our jobs, lifestyle, retirement, families and businesses?

Well, for one thing, strategic planning for worse case scenarios, can't hurt. Not planning and going ahead with wide eyed optimism may be fatal...to the country, to the world, to your family, and yourself.

More in future posts.

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