Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bookstores For Sale

Two blocks from my apartment, in the basement of an old church, is a used bookstore for sale. At best, it is disorganized chaos, mismatched fixtures, with lots of room for improvement. The location is good, on the streetcar line and is located in the "Cultural District" which also contains, the university, state history museum, theaters and the art museum.

In most places I have lived, in other states, there was always at least one small, independent bookstore, usually a used bookstore. A few were more interesting than others, depending on size and type of books. Most had little or no seating for perusing, narrow aisles, and were dimly lit. But, they did have a certain unique character.

The owner of this particular bookstore claims to own over 350,000 books in storage! The content various and is mostlu paperbooks, but he also has an on-line presence. In researching this post, many are in this category, but there seems to be "niche" marketers specializing in rare/antique, textbooks, technical books, adult books, christian, new age, mystery, etc. I would imagine the local market would determine in part the specialty if any the bookstore would fill.

In addition some of these retailers, double as "gift shops" and related merchandise. My opinion would be to stick to just books.

There seem to be books available on start-up, wholesale buying (several companies use Abe books for pricing) . Many advice on buying a bookstore are available in E-book format as well. Have any of you readers ever bought, owned, or thought of buying a bookstore? I'd like to hear from you.

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