Sunday, February 22, 2009


The "War of Terror", the "Economic Depression/Recession" and all other social issues...where is the sacrifice? From the dawn of history, sacrifice for the common good has been essential for civilization, nations, businesses, and families to suffer through hard times.

Yet, during these current pressing times, where is the sacrifice? Sure, people are losing their homes, jobs, income, and retirement investments. But not by choice, not by self-sacrifice so that others may survive. Major company’s layoff thousands daily. How many would be laid off if all employees took a 25% pay cut, so that all may continue to work? Where are the people voluntarily offering to pay more in taxes so that projects, social services, and tax funded employees can weather the storm?

Citizens claim to be "Christians, Muslims, Jews, or other tenants of major or minor religions each holy day, but in practice, few follow their faith to serve others. Worldwide in the last 100 years people have become so self-centered, in their own little issues that helping others before self are merely a means to get on talk shows or reality television.

Sacrifice could be the solution for all of humanity to overcome war, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and all the ills of civilization. "The rights of the many do indeed outweigh the rights of a few." From a numbers view I would say it requires more than a tithe of 10% or 15%. I would estimate as much as 50% of an individual’s time/money/assets/help for the good of the group society, or mankind. OK, now that your jaw has fallen into your lap, think about what everyone would get from such an arrangement. If 50% of your efforts and time go to help others, then 50% of their time/efforts go to help you, help your community, your nation, your world. It seems like a win-win situation, a no brainer.

Will it be done...probably not. Should it be done, of course, the survival of mankind demands it.

The End is on the horizon...sacrifice for others is the only solution!