Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to Write Articles Using Old Blog Posts

by: TJ Philpott

Are you interested in exploring how to write articles by using the same content you've already posted to your blog? If you write articles and also frequently post to your blog to generate traffic you know how labor intensive that can be.

Although these marketing strategies are extremely effective they can also be quite a strain on your time management skills.

What if you could cut your writing efforts in half or to put it differently get twice the results from the same efforts? Well you can and we're going to discuss here how to do just that.

For anybody involved in article writing you know how challenging it can sometimes be to come up with new ideas for content. Posting to a blog on the other hand generally only requires an idea but not much detail.

Let's explore a simple 3 step process you can use to 'transform' your blog post into articles that will decrease your workload while increasing your desired results.

Develop and Organize Your Topics

You'll first want to develop and organize topics upon which you can base your blog posts. Considering that a blog post constitutes a summary of a lengthier thought this shouldn't be difficult. Obviously you'll want the topics to be related in some form or fashion to your niche or blog theme.

Compose Your Posts in Advance

In an effort to focus better on your immediate task you may want to separate composing your blog posts from the time you use for writing articles. This should help you maintain a consistent train of thought making both tasks easier to accomplish.

Instead of composing a blog post then writing an article you'll want to put together a group of posts first. Once this is completed you can turn your attention to transforming these posts into articles.

When writing an article as opposed to posting to a blog you are actually using completely different writing styles. By dividing these two tasks you now only need to focus on just one particular writing style. This in turn will increase the ease and efficiency of your overall writing process and save you time.

Base Your Articles Upon Your Post

Blog posts by design are short summations of a more detailed thought pattern. Upon these summations you can base a more in-depth article. By using the post for your writing ideas you now cut down on the overall time involved in the writing process itself.

As you know every article starts with an outline and your blog post supplies that outline for you.

So now you can see how to write articles easily if you also already have a blog that you post to on a regular basis. Even though both blogging and writing articles are excellent marketing strategies attempting to do both can put quite a strain on your time management skills. By further developing any writing ideas you can get from your own blog posts you're essentially bypassing the additional time needed for more article research. By following this simple 3 step approach and streamlining the writing process you're getting twice the results for little more than a one time effort!

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