Thursday, May 20, 2010

My current read, "Eye of the Red Tsar" by Sam Eastland

Just finished this book I received for review from "Library Thing".  The lead character Pekkala is Finnish, where my paternal grandparents are from, and starts during the reign of the last Tsar, the war of Communism in Russia, which are both things my father and grandparents went through.

It was an intriguing look at the early days of the Soviet Union and Stalin and the last days of the Romanov's.

The characters were engaging, the scenic descriptions realistic and interesting.
It gave me some further insights into my family genealogy, like The Finnish Guards, and the Russian & Finnish War.

I look forward to the new novel in 2011, featuring Pekkala, "The Emerald Eye".

I recommend this book to anyone interested in a good suspense novel or a historical based novel.

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