Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are Some People Too Old To Read?

OK, I admit it, I am oldish, 63 this year.  About 7 yrs ago I got line less bifocals for the first time and now need a new prescription.  But...the Yellow Pages, Want Ads, etc. use a 6 point type...many books use an 8 pt  (does this save on paper?), I can't read that even with bifocals.   I'd think with the huge numbers of baby boomers,  print would get larger, no smaller.  Who decides this stuff?  The same gang that decides that the term "Senior" starts at 60, 62, or 65 depending on what the "discount" is for. should all be the same...62!

One advantage of an E-Reader, is that you can increase the size of the type with a click...maybe that will decide the demise of traditional books.

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