Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is Social Media Writing?

Many people use Social Media and Blogs to convey their ideas  and opinions...can such elements be considered writing?

If one is employed as a news commentator, author, or journalist...than their Blogs or Tweeter comments can be considered part of their writings.  If this is true, than social Media commentary by the "uncompensated" should also be considered writing.  OK, this uncompensated thing is a real sore point with me.  Once, even with my extensive post graduate work in college, I was told by a "Head Hunter" that it did not matter what my "expertise" was in, it didn't count unless I was paid to do it!  What the hell?  I can apply this thinking to writing...but not agree with it.

Many people out there write articles for Zines, sites like "Article City, etc.   The quality of such articles may be Pulitzer Prize winning, yet if they were not compensated, it doesn't "count"? You'll agree this is ridiculous!

In conclusion, yes, social Media writing is indeed writing.

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chandra said...

Yes social media is writing! very knowledgeable question and hope you have also shared with twitter!