Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you "Netflix"? I do!

I use Netflix everyday.  I watch it more than I do cable TV.  Movies, old TV series, Film Noir, & documentaries, Netflix has it all for $7.99 per month. Most films are instant, streaming to your computer or TV.  I don't have a cable ready flat screen TV, so I stream though a device called Roku.  Aside from Netflix, Roku also streams Amazon, Epic, and Crackle among others.

I also have Netflix on my iTouch4 device.  There is an app for that.

Last night I watched "Murder in the First" and a 1950 Film called "Foreign Correspondent" .  Remember the old Blockbuster rental fees of $4.99 per movie? Watch two movies, you've paid for Netflix for a month!  Netflix also has DVDs by mail...until recently you paid an addition $2 per month, but they increased it to $7.99/mo for the DVDs.  I usually get two per week!  That's 8 per month, and I'll drop that soon.

Hey, Netflix something today!

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