Thursday, November 1, 2012

"In Her Name: The Last War"- Trilogy by Michael R Hicks

I have not enjoyed a Science Fiction series this much since
reading the Isaac Asimov, "Foundation" series years ago!

The author has created great science, believable characters, and alien worlds.  Just when you think every plot and space exploration concept has been used up, like a dirty sock, you get proven wrong by a unique new author (new to me)!  Always a pleasant surprise.

I downloaded this to my Kindle Fire and found I ran the battery down before I ever put the book down!  I recommend this author to any hard core science fiction fan!  I plan on reading the prequel series of how the Empire started as well!

Hey Hollywood, these novels would make a great screenplay!

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kara34 said...

Nice book. Just done reading it for about 3 weeks. Now for the next book!