Thursday, November 21, 2013

2013 Summer & Fall Kindle Reads

"The Prophet" Books 1 & 3 by John Matthews...a thriller 

"The Martian" by Andy Weir...a sci-fi thriller

"Assassins", Book 1 (Waters of Destiny) by Ian Watson & Andy West

"Death Overflows", Book 3  (Waters of Destiny) by Ian Watson & Andy West

"Noir: Shades of Grey #1" by Kristie Lynn Higgins

"Dead Doughboy Walking" by Kevin J Hollock

"Jet" by Russel Blake

"Far From Home Legend" by Tony Healey

"Interrupt" by Jeff Carlson

"Atlantis Gene" by A.G. Riddle

"Red Star Falling" by Ian Hocking

"Maximum ride: Angel" by James Patterson

"Asylum: 13 Tales of Terror" by Matt Drabble...Deliciously Creepy! 

"Clouded Rainbow" by Jonathan Sturak

"LZR-1143 :Perspectives" by Bryan James...the very first Zombie stories I've ever read, pretty damn good!

"Virginia Day Zero" by Sean Cregan

"Blood Land" by R S Guthrie

"First Alien Contact, First Interstellar War" by Dennis Hiatt

"Primal Shift: Episode One" by Griffin Hayes

"The Aurora" by Adrian F Fulcher

"Gray Lake" by David Bain...creepy supernatural horror!

"Northworld Trilogy" by David Drake..sci-fi fantasy, very cool!

"Long Eyes & Other Stories" by Jeff Carlson

"Strange Attractors" by Jeffrey A Carver

"Neptune Crossing" by Jeffrey A Carver

"Total Secession" by Adam Cornell...a political novel of the end of the Federal Government! 

"Information Cloud" by Peter J West

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