Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stars on Ice

Stars on Ice is a touring figure skating show produced by IMG. It was originally conceived in 1986 as a vehicle for IMG client Scott Hamilton, who had been released from his contract with Ice Capades, after being told that male skaters do not sell tickets. Hamilton now has retired from regular touring with the show, but remains actively involved as a producer.

Stars on Ice was originally conceived as an ice show for adults, without the skating Smurfs or Disney cartoon characters typical of other commercial ice shows of the period, such as Disney on Ice. Another concept that has carried through the show from the beginning is that of a small cast of elite skaters who perform together in ensembles as well as solo numbers. In 1991, the Canadian branch of the show, Canadian Stars On Ice, began.

Also features my Oswego State College roommate Jef Billings, the shows Director and Designer! A very talented person!

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