Thursday, April 8, 2010

Books About Natural Disasters....A warning?

Unless you've been on another planet or had your head in the sand, you may have noticed the increased frequency of natural disasters such as earthquakes, snow storms, heat & cold extreams, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc.  Just watch any news program.  Tonight for example, April 8, 2010, a 70 mile in diameter asteroid is making a "Close Encounter" within the moons orbit to the Earth!

Scientist say this is normal activity.  I say this is increasing in intensity and frequency, and is a warning of things to come...2012, Jesus, The End, etc. Regardless of the “catastrophe” involved, the will to survive and survival skills necessary to accomplish the act are similar. These attributes are the main importance, at least to me, when reading this type of literature. Perhaps it is because I pride myself in having many of these skills.

For you to form an intelligent or unbiased opinion & perhaps save your life, you should read and do a little research.  I an including a few Bibliography's, selected web sites, etc.  Inform yourself, come bach to this Blog and comment.  This is just the "tip of the iceberg" on references and may help get you started.


The Bible
Natural Disaster Science Bibliography
CBS News Disaster Links
Amazon Books on Disasters
2012  Resources
Book of Daniel
Nuclear War Bibliography

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