Friday, April 23, 2010

A Local author, "MYcellF Prisoner of the Pen"

Jason Breedlove is a fairly huge, young man who frequents the Senior Center, playing Pinochle, and chatting whit us old timers. Jason spent time in prison. He wrote down his thoughts, many of which are profound, while some are profane. Here are a few, which I call anger management issues; after all he was in prison! I thought these somewhat amusing.

“Anger Management”, quotes from Jason Breedlove’s book, “My Cellf, Prisoner of the Pen”

• I’d like to punch you until I damage your whole frontal lobe!

• I’ll knock your f**king gums down your throat!

• Your body will collapse around my fist.

• Remind me later to punch you in the eye.

• I want to hit you with something sharp.

• I’ll send you home with broken teeth.

• You need to douche your mouth!

• I’ll break your f**cking mustache!

• I’ll beat you down to nothing.

It is available from Powells Books, and on-ling at Jason's Blog.

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