Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Blue Smoke and Whispers" by Mick Herron

When a body is hauled from the River Tyne, Sarah Tucker heads to Newcastle for a closer look. She identifies the dead woman as private detective Zoë Boehm, but putting a name to the corpse only raises further questions. Did Zoë kill herself, or did one of her old cases come back to haunt her? Why was she wearing a jacket a murderer had stolen years before? And what's brought Sarah's sparring partner, Gerard Inchon, to the same broken down hotel? Coincidence is an excuse that soon looks pretty unconvincing. Sarah can't leave until she's found the answers to her questions, however dangerous they might turn out to be. Link

An unusual read for me, since I have problem identifying with female lead characters, but the author managed to not only maintain my interest, but enjoy Sarah as she unravils her friends "death". The location of the novel is Newcastle , England, a place I only vaguly remembered as a manufcturing center of dirty factories, but found out it is the home of the author. These facts increase the interest for me, minor as they maybe. I'd recommend this book to nyone who enjoys the genre of "Mystery"

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