Friday, August 14, 2009

Reading Memoiers

Well, I finished reading my first memoriers/journal. It was a new reading style for me and one I will probably avoid in the future. I found it boring. Just because your life is interesting to you, doesn't mean it will interest anyone else. Perhaps it was the author's style? Perhaps the subject matter? I know I have thoughts and feelings to share, but does anyone care? Is my life on the streets interesting to anyone? Maybe the length threw me off....120 pages, when 40 would have accomplished the same intent? Probably. I know several people that tell a tale, only to include the names, birth dates, clothing styles, feelings, thoughts, and food consumption of people you don't know and will never meet, as part of their "story". Such details are boring and irrelevant. Telling the information in 500 words when 50 will do, is ridiculous and annoying!

Now that I've freed up some time, I'll try a biography and autobiography. How bad can they be?

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