Thursday, October 1, 2009

Recent Read, "Blood and Ice" by Robert Masello

My recent read, "Blood and Ice" by Robert Masello kept my attention with a setting I have seen on many a documentary. It starts out with an adventure for a contemporary outdoor photographer going to Antarctica for a three month assignment, and flashbacks in history to England of the mid 1800's with the advent of the Crimean War.

Flashbacks usually annoy me, but each segment was of sufficient length that interest was maintained. It proved necessary as the novel evolved.

The twist in the book occurs when past meets present. The photographer, during a dive under the ice, finds a woman frozen in the ice. Upon breaking the block free, the scientists return with the "corpse" to thaw at their base. Events after this point get interesting. As a fan of the "Thriller" genre, I would recommend it.

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