Saturday, October 24, 2009

This Weeks Reads:

OK, strange as it may seem, I read three novels this week. Not much good on broadcast TV.....haha! They are: "The Shimmer" by David Morrell. A sci-fi type of mystery based on actual occurances in West Texas, as mysterious lights and a government cover up holds one's attention.

"Worst Nightmares" by Shane Briant. A really creepy story about an author who commits plagiarism with a strange diary left in his mailbox as his next "break through" novel about a sick & graphic serial killer. Many twists and a great climax keep you hanging on by your fingernails!

"The Lovers" by John Connolly. Another novel about PI Charlie Parker and his interesting, if not slightly supernatural life. I enjoyed it and have read about 2-3 others.

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